Live Chat

“The worth of an idea lies in the utilizing of it”

Live chat offers a platform for you to proactively connect with prospective clients and resolve their problems to turn them into customers for your business.

DA TECH’s live chat support service is a device to offer competent and modified client service as part of its marketing technique to drive additional sales. Live chat can indeed turn out to be a precious tool for you to join in real-time with prospects that visit your site and thus exploit your business chances.

Comfort for your Clients:

By its direct, concurrent communication abilities, live chat support can acquiesce enormous advantages for your business in the form of a developed client chat experience and as a result, amplified sales and conversions. The accessibility of a live person in the middle of an online purchase can save an important amount of time for both your clients and your business for a truly fulfilling client experience. The fact that live chat support provides clients instant access to client service response makes it a force to think with as a communication channel. Performing usual communication with a live chat assures stable client service development beyond all our clients' organizational command .

Rapid Response:

Time is riches in this rapid-paced business world of today. Instead of having to wait for an email reply or being put on hold for hours with a client service section, consumers would be capable to get an instant reply with our live chat support. An immediate connection with prospects the moment they show concern not just only speeds up the sales cycle but it as well prevents leads from going cold and being lost in total.

Exact Chat Sessions

By sustaining a short response time in connecting and answering the questions of prospective clients, our team is able of dealing with a vast variety of clients professionally for higher conversion rates. Furthermore, they own the necessary communication talents to comprehend the exact requirements of your clients and get their queries or concerns addressed in actual time.

DA Tech outsourcing call center support services

Strong Reader

As we perform email services and help tickets, you can be guaranteed an outstanding client relations team. Our team is highly skilled in client retention techniques which make sure that you continue to enjoy the support of a faithful client base.

Complex Problems to Different Platforms

If we face complex problems with your clients, we then control their specific issues to different channels of communications, by handling them on the tickets or phone as it will lodge to satisfy client experience.


24/7 engagement:

With our live chat support, you will be capable to function outside of normal business hours and hence connect with potential clients even on weekends and nights. The fact that you can attain out to clients at their expediency and attend to their questions wills you to detain leads beyond your opening hours.


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Lucrative option

Traditional phone calls and emails are often time-consuming and posh choices for interrelating with clients. Having the services of a live chat structure at your disposal will further permit you to interrelate with some clients concurrently. Along with a developed client experience, live chat will furthermore permit you to cut down on client support spending to help save money and time.

Practical Chat System

We provide proactive chat services to your clients by giving a list of suggested links that match the preferences or concerns of your clients. Our live chat agents deliver an automatic proactive chat request when a client lands on our page so it right away leads them to the content they are researching for.


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