DA Tech is registered under sole-proprietor founded in July 2019 in Karachi, Pakistan. We are here to help brands expand globally. All of DA Services, related to web pages, and support packages available at, and all linked pages (Site), are owned and operated by DA Tech (Sole Proprietor). Before you work with us, you hereby provide your consent to abide by the terms and conditions as mentioned:

Please read the terms carefully before availing of our services. By working in collaboration with DA Tech for the magnificent services, accessing DA sites, viewing any content or using any services available on the site (as each is defined below) you are agreeing to get bounded by these terms, which together with our Privacy Policy, governs our relationship with you, the client, in relation to the site.



Cancellation Policy

Website Design Process Policy

As a general process for all of DA’s website design projects, DA and the Client agree to follow this process for the project. It has been used by DA for years and has proven successful in creating websites.

WordPress Development Policy

A large number of DA client sites are developed utilizing the open-source framework of WordPress. The specifics of how your site is built is in your proposal/contract, or you can email us for any type of clarification on the type of coding we are implementing.

In most cases, DA is creating a custom WordPress theme that is customized to the client’s needs, based upon the scope of work in this proposal, the Site Map, and the Project Book we create during Discovery. Additions or feature requests that come later will be scoped out and DA will provide an estimate for additional billing to the client.

Content for Website(s) Policy

Photographs & Stock Photography Policy

The client will need to supply graphic files to DA Tech in an editable vector digital format. Photographs must be in a high-resolution digital format. If the client chooses to buy stock photographs, DA can suggest stock libraries and style of photography/images. The cost of buying stock photographs or a photoshoot is not included in this contract.

It is required that ALL photographs and content be provided BEFORE the start of any design work on your website design. Adding new photos or changing photos midway through the process can change the timeline of your project. Additionally, fundamental changes in the look and feel of the site might

Images and Stock Photography must be purchased by the client and submitted by the client to DA Tech.

DA requires that all Stock Photography be purchased directly by the client. DA will not purchase Stock Photography on behalf of the client, through the client’s stock photo account or using the client’s credit card.

Q/A Period & Post-Launch Policy

Every website we launch includes a Quality & Assurance policy, for a specified number of days once the website is complete. The website is deemed complete once the Project Booklist of features is completed. The day that these items are all complete, your Q/A period begins. If you choose not to set the site “LIVE” launch date on the live URL for an extended period of time, this does not affect your project’s status as “complete” with DA Tech.

After the site goes live, or when all the items from the Project Book are completed, the site will go into the Q/A phase of the project, where both DA and the client will have the opportunity to review the live site for any potential bugs or errors.

The client will prepare any Q/A items in written form to DA via email or through its project management tool. Items that are within the scope of the project will be fixed and corrected. Items outside of the scope of the project will be given an hourly estimate to a client-option to implement.

The Q/A period lasts for 30 days. ANYTHING past the 30 days will be billed hourly. DA has a thorough project process and will provide the client a list of items uploaded; however, it is ultimately the client’s responsibility to ensure that any items that they wished to have updated are doing so within the Q/A window.


DA Tech offers support and maintenance for websites at its hourly rate. As a service provider, we track the number of hours of effort, work, and manpower to work on your website. All of our website support is pre-paid. We will ask that you provide a detailed scope of work so that we can give you an accurate hourly estimate. Then, we will prepare an invoice that will need to be paid before we can begin work. If the number of hours exceeds the number of hours estimated, we will notify you as soon as possible to ensure you would like us to continue work.

If you had your website designed and/or developed by DA Tech, we have a Quality/Assurance period after your site is complete. Please check the Q/A section under “Websites” in our Terms of Service to see if your requests are covered in the initial price/build of your site. All items outside of the Q/A window are billable. Indefinite, fixed-price support is not included in your initial website design contract with DA Tech.

Website Support Policy

Hosting, Site Hacked, and Virus Removal Policy



Social Media Policy

Google AdWords Policy

In order to utilize Google AdWords, an active credit card must be added to the Google billing system. All AdWords spending and budgets must be with the client’s credit card. DA does not use its own credit card for billing or AdWords accounts. It is up to the CLIENT to have a proper credit card and MONITOR ALL SPENDING FOR THE CAMPAIGN(S). By signing this agreement, the client will provide full access to the AdWords account and hold DA Tech harmless for all charges within the Google AdWords budget, as it is the CLIENT RESPONSIBILITY TO MONITOR THE AMOUNT SPENT ON ITS CREDIT CARD.

DA Tech does not guarantee, either express or implied, about the ranking results of your AdWords, results, return on your campaign, or general effectiveness. We will use our professional judgment and expertise to execute your marketing campaign in a timely manner and within a budget approved by the client. Changes in the budget and overall spend must be communicated clearly and promptly from the client to DA Tech in EVERY instance.

SEO Policy

DA does not guarantee, either express or implied, about your website ranking on a certain page or for specific ranking results. Google, Bing, and other search engines have proprietary formulas that DA does not have access to and is unable to have control over these results.

DA can and will provide best-practices and its professional expertise and judgement to execute search engine results that have shown to have positive effects on websites and search results.

Search results and search algorithms frequently change and update, and we must adjust our work and scope accordingly. At times, our scope of work and strategy CAN AND WILL CHANGE in order to stay updated with best practices provided by search providers (Google, Bing, etc).

By signing-up for DA Tech SEO services, you are contracting us to assist, consult, and implement some of these strategies on your site. DA’s SEO services are hourly-based, and the price you pay each month is for the amount of hours/time/effort we put towards your project, rather than specific ranking results. We CAN NOT GUARANTEE ANY SPECIFIC RANKING RESULTS FOR YOUR SITE.

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