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The key to finding new business prospects ultimately lies with the marketing team developing the right leads before they are handed off to the sales teams. However, this handover process is quite often flawed which can be pinned down to communication and collaboration breakdown between the marketing and sales team. By ensuring a well-integrated sales and marketing team, you will experience a more smooth-sailing, functional lead handover process. Once sales and marketing come to agree on the definition of what makes a true leader, marketing qualified leads will get the attention they deserve from the sales team which will eventually lead to an increase in both the quantity and quality of leads.

DA Tech offers process outsourcing services based on cross-functional planning processes supplemented by a well-integrated lead handover process to trigger an exponential increase in buyer activity across more channels.

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With a back-office outsourcing company at your side, you will get to experience first-hand the benefits of an improved sales handover process to generate a higher ROI which will lead to opportunities for long-term customers.

Our Strategies
  • Providing an all-round and satisfactory customer experience.
  • Answer to customer queries and concerns from multiple channels on an immediate basis.
  • A state-of-the-art support team working 24/7 for client satisfaction.
  • Bringing sales and marketing teams into sync who can identify qualified leads and thus work towards common target prospects.
  • Comprehensive business process outsourcing solutions tailored to the needs of clients of all sizes.
  • An automated process in place to ensure that no lead is wasted and specific guidelines for an immediate follow up on high-quality leads.
Achieve a perfectly streamlined lead handover process between Marketing and Sales.
Business Process Solutions | DA Tech +92 304 888 0004

As one of the top business process outsourcing firms, we have worked out a digital go-to-market road map that employs the best business outsourcing solutions to boost your marketing and sales capabilities for consistent business progress. By taking a collaborative approach, we will ensure that the sales and marketing teams are on the same page with respect to the overall revenue goals for the company and the metrics they need to deliver against.

Sales handover is unarguably one of the most important stages of the sales cycle that ultimately leads to lead generation. However, a number of organizations are confronted with a legacy of poor marketing lead quality mainly because of a lack of coordination between marketing and sales in responding to a well-defined lead with an efficient sale follow up process. We are a BPO operations company that aims to bridge the gap between sales and marketing channels by fixing the problems inherent in the sales handover process. Our team of BPO projects outsourcing consultants is driven to plan and execute an effective lead handover process for a more cohesive customer journey. By means of hardwired automated processes and workflows, they will make it possible for sales and marketing teams to effectively deliver the right content or information as and when required. As a back-office outsourcing company, DA Tech will help you deliver relevance and value to customers to drive lead generation in today’s digital environment.

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